April 13, 2010

A Very Rare Moment

Getting Nolan to smile and actually look at the camera, all while sitting still waiting for the flash, is nearly impossible. But when it happens...adorable moments like this are created.

April 12, 2010

Together, we will watch them grow.

Emmett and Nolan got to plant a tree when we did our new yard a few summers ago. Recently, we had a neighbor beg us to take one of the trees he purchased at auction, so now Jackson has one of is own.

Racers - Get Ready

Soren and Lily celebrated their 6th birthday this weekend, and while Lily had a very fancy princess tea party, Soren took his crew to the BMX racetrack where they tore it up!
Emmett at the starting gate.

The 2 little guys are Emmett and Soren, along side the big kids.It took Nolan a few tries, but he finally got the hang of it!

The Ol' Ball Game...

Emmett plays for the Scrappers, coach pitch, and is having a blast. It's the cutest thing we have ever watched...and he is good, surprisingly good for never playing baseball before. At the bottom of my blog I posted his schedule if anyone wanted to join us for a game.

April 05, 2010

Room Redo

For Emmett's birthday, he wanted a new room. For those that don't remember, the boys room was all dark green with an orange stripe through the middle, camo bedding, sort of an army theme.
Here is the new and improved football/sports room, complete with field goal in the window and 300 glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. The boys love it!

It's Springtime Babee!!

It only lasted a week, beautiful 65-70 degree weather, and we enjoyed every second of it!


Not really, but it could have been.
Saturday night I was walking through the house and smelt a fire, but knew I had no candels lit. Upon further investigation, this is what we found.
Thanks Uncle Eric and Auntie Elizabeth, for the mini skateboard. Unfortunately, it was sacrificed to the lightbulb :(