April 25, 2011

easter weekend {in pictures}

we'll start with our new ride

what a great easter weekend
in redding
with family
amazing food
and some sunshine

thank you to all!

April 20, 2011


tell me these 2 aren't brothers...
nothing new going on. 
but who doesn't love pictures?
this is a BBQ cheeseburger pizza i hand made on friday night.
homemade crust.
browned hamburger with spices.
bbq/ranch pizza sauce (cause we don't like the traditional tomato sauce)
lots of cheese.
tomatoes and lettuce.
 i made this for lunch the other day.
farm fresh eggs courtesy of Clark Farms (thanks Clarks!)
leftover sesame ginger chicken from dinner the other night.
asparagus from my garden (thats right, mine!)
and cheese.
it was perfect after a long walk with the boys.
 friday night dance party in the allen's (kind of a tradition)
i'm glad my family has the same passion for music that i do.
otherwise...this would be getting pretty awkward.
 hubby and i had a rainy drive on saturday (location secret until further notice)
i want to live on a vineyard, in a giant old tuscan style house
maybe make it a bed and breakfast.
hubby just smiles and says...
"how about a grape garden."
so cute he is.
 this little man....heavenly.
bff's the hardin's little man.
he can say my name so clearly.
ran right up to me the second i walked in the door.
never left my side.
snuggles like nobody's business.
and in a very dramatic fashion,
throws his hands up and says...
"that's hilarious"
OMG i never laughed so hard.
in love i tell you. in.love.
seattle as we jetted by.
not the best picture, but people drive like crazy up there.
easter is this weekend and we are heading out of town to visit family.
it should be fun, exciting, and lots of people. 
the boys are looking forward to it
because they get to "play hookey" on friday from school.

that's all i got.
happy wednesday!

{p.s. have you seen my 365?  i've been keeping up, yeah me!}

April 15, 2011

worn out

reading to bear
{because someone has to do it}
 and scene...

April 12, 2011


my inspiration that is.
my mojo.
my "breath of fresh air" so to speak.
friday the boys didn't have school
little bear had therapy
and since i don't have a sitter, these 2 roudy's have to come with me.
i took them for a walk so that little bear could have "his time" with no distractions.
it was cold, but just what we needed to start friday morning heading into the weekend.
orange is little bear's safe favorite color.
he has this orange hat and an orange sweatshirt that he wears EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
i love it though,
not only because i can pick him out in a crowd,
but it's like his signature. something he chooses to do. he loves it. and i love that.
(he got 2 goals that game)
 guess who's feet grew a whole dang size in ONE month....
(i have got to quit feeding these boys)
they got new kicks and L.O.V.E. them!
 so, i have decided that my house needs more bright colors.
i have color all over the place.
every wall is painted.
every room has a theme so to speak.
but i realized this weekend that i'm bored.
so i moved some knick knacks around
bought a can of spray paint.
read a couple of ladies blogs that truly inspire me.
and decided to change things up a bit.
do you love???
this mirror was brown, just like the rest of the room.
and this room needed some sprucing up.
i painted it, then sanded it to make it all distressed looking.
and ta-da...i'm instantly refreshed.
these are the "family rules" 
(print found here)
i am falling in love with prints these days.
they are so easy,
printed right off my printer at home,
for free!
and love print (found here)
 i think they add a certain "oomph" to a room
something different than the same-ol family picture.
 i have a neighbor who leaves me little gifts on the doorstep from time to time.
(creepy i know, but i just go with it)
she left this blue watering can when i first moved in and i never knew what to do with it.
it's all cracked and water doesn't stay in it very well.
so i put a mason jar inside, added some branches from the bush in the front yard.
and viola instant spruce up!
i found this print here
although my boys learned this in pre-school.
their teacher used to say it to kids all the time.
i love it.
it holds true for all ages.
kind of a "just go with it" sort of phrase.
all in all
things are looking up.
we figured we had plenty of time till we have to put veggies in the ground
so we started all of our plant starts again.
(wish us luck)
if mother nature would join the rest of us in celebrating spring
things would be a whole lot easier to enjoy.
sunshine makes everything enjoyable.

happy tuesday!

April 07, 2011

have you seen it???

my motivation that is.
yup, i've lost it.
kind of like losing that loving feeling i guess.
i'm having serious motivational block these days.
can you tell, all my pictures are the same.
week after week.
day after day.
now that we have the play structure, the boys don't want to go to the park.
no new "what i wore wednesdays" to blog about
because what i wore wednesday is prob what i wore tuesday...
..and prob what i'm gonna wear on thursday.
little bear started soccer last weekend and E starts baseball this weekend.
little bear was so cute, playing with his hands in his pockets
as if to say,
"please i got this, give me a challenge would ya?"
they chose "tigers" as their team name. 
color = natural (i.e. boring)
saturday we had beautiful sunshine.
now it's snowing.
(don't be jelly belly)
look at all those beautiful garden starts we have been nourturing for 2 long months.
we're starting to get the acclimated to the sunshine by bringing them out for a little
bit at a time...so they are nice and ready when it's time to go into the ground.
(smart, right? we've been doing oure homework)
after doing some serious research sunday morning
we live in zone 7 and there are a few of our starts that
can be put into the ground.
the soil and boxes are ready.
we were ready.
they (should have been) ready.
homework shmomework
(i knew there was a reason i didn't do it in high school)
we killed em'.
every single one of em'.
yup...we feel pretty good about that.
starting to wonder if we should have ever been given kids or not.
this is the only thing still alive out there
(or in our laundry room)
we are finally going to be able to eat our asparagus this year
it took us 4 long years to grow!
(talk about being patient)
(who grows asparagus?)
(this family.)
(thats right.)
(this family.)

little bear finally figured out how to pump his feet to swing.
he's pretty proud of himself.
we are super proud of him.
it's perfect therapy and he can do it for hours now.
(seriously, hours)

and this poor man child kid
ride's over before it even starts.
(big kid on a little slide)
seriously, growing up bites sometimes.
that's all i got.
we have soccer and baseball this weekend (if we don't get snowed/rained out)
a bowling party on sunday.
hopefully i will be motivated to capture my rowdy's most precious moments.
and blog about something different next week.
on a side note,
a little funny that has been cracking me up all week.....

a husband and wife are sitting in the sunshine, enjoying a relaxing afternoon.
she says, "i love you."
he says, "is that you, or the wine talking?"
she replies, "it's me.........talking to the wine."

happy thursday!!!
(now i have exactly 45 minutes to shower, put myself together,
get e to baseball practice, and start dinner.)