January 27, 2010

It's All In The Presentation

Me: "Boys, what would you like for lunch today?"
Boys: "Macaroni and Cheese and chicken nuggets."
Me: "I don't think we have chicken nuggets. How about some cheese pizza?"
Boys: "No, we don't want cheese pizza."
About 5 minutes later....
Me: "Hey boys, how about macaroni and cheese and cheese pizza sticks?"
Boys: (cheers and screaming) "Yeah, we LOVE cheese pizza sticks!"
Seriously, sometimes it's all about the presentation.

January 18, 2010

Our New Art Piece

For Christmas, we were surprised with this beautiful piece of family art from our friends Dustin and Erica.
Thanks you guys, we absolutely love it!

What....Sy's doing another project?

We eventually wanted to put tile down in the boys bathroom and the laundry room. As the floor around the toilet became more black and soft to the touch, we figured sooner rather than later would be best for the boys bathroom. So, Friday night Sy came home and simply stated, "I'm going to demo the bathroom and tile it this weekend."
To which I reply, "Sure Honey."
The horrible water damage after Sy pulled up the floor.
More around the tub.
What started as demo on Friday evening, became a completed project Sunday by dinner.
He is amazing! And the boys love their new floor!

Jackson Turns 7 Months Old

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Buggie!

Milestones at 7 months:
Figured out that there is juice actually coming out of his sippy cup!
Now we suck on it instead of just chewing.

Who needs mom, I can totally do this myself.

Still super sweet in every way.
Jackson rolls all around the house (including right off my bed), squeals at his brothers to get their attention, and then fully interacts with them. He thinks they are hysterical. Him and Sy have this "Daddy/Baby" communication where Sy will growl at him and he will do it right back, super cute. No teeth yet but eating baby food like crazy! He is still our very happy boy!

Nolan's Big Accomplishment

Nolan's new milestone.....riding a 2-wheeler.

He has been on those training wheels for quite some time and the other day Sy just took them off. At first Nolan was not convinced that he could do it, but then for some reason he just forgot they were taken off, hopped right on his bike, and rode off into the sunset (so to speak). It's like they have been off the whole time. What is meant to be a safety feature for smaller children, ended up being the one thing that made him wreck the most. Now he is free to do as the other boys.

He is super pumped!

January 06, 2010

My Sweet Boys...

It starts the same every night...the boys go to bed at 8 and I typically have to go in their room once or twice to ask them to quit talking and get some sleep. Only, on a particular night a few weeks ago, I walked into their room to routinely tell them it was quiet time and they needed to go to sleep, when I was answered in unison, "Mommy, we are just doing our questions." Taken by surprise, I simply said okay and to wrap it up.
I sat outside their door listening to my 2 little boys ask eachother questions about their day. They were having a real mini adult conversation. I listened for a while: "Did you read a story?", "Who did you play with?", "Did you have a good lunch?", and my personal favorite from Emmett to Nolan, "Did you make good choices?"
(something Nolan's teacher asks him to do almost on a regular basis.)
I laughed. I cried. And it was the last time I interrupted them at nighttime.
These 2 are amazing!

January 05, 2010

A few more of Jackson...

In his new walker he got for x-mas.
Gas attendant in training.

And the Award Goes To....

We rang in the New Year with The Hardin Family and the Emmons Family,
and we had a blast. To make our party a little more interesting, we all decided
to have an awards show. We picked names a few weeks earlier and had to present an
award to the person we picked. It was hysterical, and we've decided it is necessary for
the years to come! We all got dressed up for the first part of the party,
then decked ourselves out in jammies for the second half of the evening.
Sy went to the coast for work that week and brought home some
fresh crab legs.....AMAZING!
Here are just a few pics of the night, I left the jammie pictures out (your welcome D).
We hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and we wish everyone health
and happiness in the year to come!