January 18, 2010

Jackson Turns 7 Months Old

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Buggie!

Milestones at 7 months:
Figured out that there is juice actually coming out of his sippy cup!
Now we suck on it instead of just chewing.

Who needs mom, I can totally do this myself.

Still super sweet in every way.
Jackson rolls all around the house (including right off my bed), squeals at his brothers to get their attention, and then fully interacts with them. He thinks they are hysterical. Him and Sy have this "Daddy/Baby" communication where Sy will growl at him and he will do it right back, super cute. No teeth yet but eating baby food like crazy! He is still our very happy boy!

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  1. He is so cute! His eyes are my favorite. No, wait. His smile! No, wait, it's his cheeks. Um, no, his hair! Oh, ok, all of him!