July 25, 2011

pictures worth {1000} words

my mom and nephew, austin, came to visit from nevada.
we had the best week together!

we canned strawberry jam with the new canner my grandparents got me
for my birthday {thank you, thank you, thank you, love it!}
we drank wine
colored eachother's hair
and i got hubby to put my feathers back in.
my nephew is a critter kind of kid
so everywhere we went,
we had to take some time to do a little digging.
 the neighborhood boys had an exciting game of football
hubby even got to relive some of his highschool football days
it was an epic game!
 we went to the coast for a night
to celebrate my turning the big 32!
 it was the most amazing time at the coast
i wish we could have stayed longer
the weather could not have been better!
our hotel was right on the beach
we ate dinner right across the street.
and afterwards we put the kiddos to bed with grandma
and hubby and i got a sunset beach date.
we've decided that we want to live on the ocean.
{it could happen}
 the next day we had breakfast and came home
celebrated our little buddy alden's 2nd birthday
and then had a huge bbq for my birthday, again.
{yeah, my birthday lasted about 4 days, it was awesome}
and as if that wasn't enough
in between all that fun and excitement
we shopped till we dropped {literally}
took the kids to see cars 2
dined out multiple times
basked in the sun
mom read an entire book
we got pedicures
and did i mention we ate...cause we did...alot.

it was the best birthday week a girl could ask for.

thanks momma and austin for coming to visit!
until next year...

July 15, 2011

craft thursday {but really friday}

the "not so stained glass" glass

i've been feeling under the weather the last few days.
so yesterday was a "no bueno" mommy day
and crafts were bottom on the list of "to do's"

i got this idea from my family fun magazine, july issue{love}

you start with a window in your house.
{this one is in between our livingroom and diningroom, perfect!}
take saran wrap and cover the portion
you want to "stain"
{i used painters tape to secure it to the window}
don't tell me i'm the only one that has a stash of tissue paper
just tucked away in a closet somewhere.
grab it.tear it.love it.
and you also need some littles complaining that they're
"ssssoooooo bored"
"don't know what in the world to do"
{yeah, they get pretty dramatic}
i used a glue stick {actually 3 total} to slather the saran wrap.
the generous the better.
then you let the littles go to work.
as they stuck, i worked underneath them and filled in the small holes
and glued down the overlapping pieces sticking up.
little bear loved it.  in fact, his exact words were,
"it's girl kind of beautiful."
{god love him}
as we were doing this, the boys got very excited.
for xmas we can do green, red, and white.
for halloween we can do orange, black and white and try to make ghosts in the window.
for valentines day we can do pink and red and white.
for the 4th of july we can do red, white, and blue.
for thanksgiving we can do orange, yellow, and green.

{seriously, it went on for a while.
i think they started to make up holiday's}
i'm very honored to say this one is for my birthday next week.
the boy's grandma allen makes stain glass art {the real purdy kind}
so they felt pretty awesome that they could do something similar.
 it's not perfect, but it's perfect to us!

happy craft thursday friday.
we have a football fundraiser this weekend
{yes, we just fininshed baseball and yes football starts in less than 2 weeks}
never a dull moment around here,
which is why i don't quite understand the,
we're ssssooooooo bbbooorrrrreeeeeddd."


happy weekend y'all!!!

July 12, 2011


this summer we chose to focus on our garden
instead of traveling.
who knew staycations could be so much fun?
we are enjoying every second of it
and all in the comforts of our backyard.

 we have fruit a plenty!
it's going to be a great harvest season!
 who says a $25 kiddy pool isn't fun?
i think we rock it!
 these 2 littles are going to grow up together
and it's absolutely adorable!
 sleeping bag sack races down the hallway.
 sitting with great friends around our fire pit.
it just keeps getting better!

July 07, 2011


in order to keep the boys less bored during the summer
i'm trying to come up with ideas to do every day.
thursdays are craft day.

i got this idea from the lovely ladies at eighteen25.
they call it:

hot rocks.
 remember that special day away hubby and i had?
well, while we were sitting down by the river
we walked around and picked up a bucket full of flat river rocks.
 take the rocks and place them on a baking sheet covered in aluminum foil.
bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.
 take a handful of crayons and peel the paper off of them.
they become your "paint/brushes"
 this probably isn't the best craft for littles
as the rocks are very hot and you need to be careful not to touch them.
 pull the rocks out of the oven
set them on a towel
and paint away!
 the crayon melts right onto the rock
as if you were paiting it...
only without the mess!
 with a spatula, i placed the rocks on a cool
baking sheet with aluminum and brought them
 back int othe house to cool off.
 they turned out super cute.
the colors are vibrant.
and the boys enjoyed it!
no mess + free craft = happy mommy!
craft thursday..
epic success!

July 05, 2011

July 4th {in photos}

 we stayed home so little bear was comfortble.
we put the radio on outside.
blew up the pool in the front yard with sprinklers and the slip-n-slide.
gabbed with our neighbors until the early morning.
had hot dogs, pasta salad, and watermelon for dinner.
and watched our neighborhood set off fireworks.
it was a blast!
 {not quite sure how to take pics of fireworks.}

it felt good to be home.
even though the boys have been on summer break for almost a month
nothing kicks off summertime quite like the 4th of july.

hope everyone had a great 4th!

our weekend{in photos}

 the hardin's moved home.
it's some of the best news we've heard in a while.

we took an overnight trip to klamath falls
to celebrate the wedding of some very good friends.
we got to catch up with some of our bff's we haven't seen in a while.
we got silly....it was fun!

that's all folks!