May 25, 2010

Veggie Planting

Carrots, Zucchini, Cucumbers, 3 kinds of Tomatos, Cantalope, Corn, Lettuce, Spinach, Green Beans, Snap Peas, and our Strawberries! Summer can officially begin!

Trip To The Clarks

A few weeks ago it was back up to Vancouver for a baby shower for Sean and Molly, Mother's Day, and Brad's birthday. As always, we had a wonderful time and the weather could not have been better!

Sean, Molly, and Baby

May 03, 2010

Jack Henry, 10 Months

He's getting so big, it's hard to believe he's almost a year old.
His official first word is "Mama", he claps when he's excited, and he says something very similar to "Hi" in response to you saying it first. He is into EVERYTHING, cupboards, drawers, bathrooms, closets, he'll race right out the front door if you open it even for a second. He's eating like crazy, sleeping like a baby, and is an absolute joy to our family!

Hotel Time

We love staying in hotels! It's the perfect little family getaway!
A little pool time...

And a little goof time...

This Is The Face That Jack Makes...

When he is trying to communicate with Grandma Allen's puppies!

April Update

It's Springtime, which means the beginning of the Allen's Summer Road Trips! April was a whirlwind of traveling, but the boys rock at road trips!
Our first stop was in Elko, Nevada to visit Papa Gene, Grandma Debbie, Uncle Ray, Auntie Peanut, and our cousins Lilly and Rafe. We even got to visit with Uncle Ben and Aunt Susie, who were up for the H&R Block "Fairwell to Tax Season" dinner, and to visit their new piece of property.

After a day and a half in Nevada, we jumped in the car and headed to Ogden, Utah to visit Sy's family and attend his cousin Jessie's wedding. We had such a wonderful time and most of Sy's family gathered for the occasion. It was a beautiful wedding!
Jackson and Olivia
What do you get when you swim at the hotel pool all day and then try to attend a 4 o'clock wedding....
Emmett and Soren can really cut a rug! Jackson even tried it!
Sylas and Grandma Miller
The Happy Couple, Jessie and Steph.
Mom and her brother, Uncle Art (Proud Papa of the Groom).

After a weekend in Utah, we headed back to Nevada for another night's stay before we made the 10 hour trip home. It was a wonderful time and we hope to see everyone again soon!