August 22, 2011

just another{random}monday house...laundry...groceries...garening...
that pretty much sums up what we have been doing
these last few weeks.
the boys and i took an afternoon to get out of the house
and went down to a local middle school to pick blackberries.
they had such a blast....who knew?
i made a blackberry pie {oh even yesser}
and have enough blackberries to can some jam.
they grow like crazy around here so we have a couple more
good months of berry picking.
for free...why not?
we got to sit on this baby for an evening.
he's our most favorite alden in the whole world!
{sorry about the blurry pic, but he's darn cute!}
jack was trying to teach alden
how to climb up the stairs to get in.
as if he didn't know.
and he sure loves his "memmitt"
kept giving him hugs the whole evening.
the garden is doing pretty amazing.
this is what we pick off the garden weekly.
we canned our first batch of salsa this weekend.
 little bear is doing great.
enjoying his summertime
swimming, eating, playing
and doing it all again the next day.
we've been able to go across the street to our sweet neighbor's house and swim
needless to say, a pool may be in our near-er future.
 we've been celebrating a few birthdays.
this was shay's 4th birthday on the river.
such a blast, we need to go down there more often.
emmett got to go on a jet-ski ride.
{yeah, a boat might be in our future also}
they have such a wonderful little cove the kids can play in
out of the current, away from the boats.
 for having such a huge fear of the river in the past few years
little bear only took about 5 minutes to warm up to the idea
before he was in, and you couldn't get him out.
even when the boats drove by.
he stopped to watch, then it was back to playing.
{so proud}
it didn't suck!
 handsome monkey
isn't he?
 monkey fell asleep in the shower
{ever happen to you?}
 there's something down right adorable
about baby butts
am i right?
emmett has been in football all month and is loving it.
their jamboree is coming up this saturday and then the season is on.
we have 2 weeks left of summer
before these monsters go back to school.
i can't believe the summer is almost over.
for enjoying a summer stay-cation,
time sure did fly by.

happy monday!

August 08, 2011


minus one of my littles...
these boys are my everything
we do this alot.
marshmallows and graham crackers.
giggles and snuggles.
 little bear has a constellation book
and a telescope
so we did a little star gazing together.
 snuggled by the fire
nestled in between mom and dad
these 2 felt safe and fell asleep.
 we are going to try our hand at harvesting sunflower seeds.
i love how giant sunflowers are.
i could fill my whole yard with them.
 you see that?
it's broccoli, can you believe it.
i'm actually growing broccoli!
 we did our first actual harvest this weekend.
so many onions that needed to be pulled
zucchini squash that was bigger than my leg.
cucumbers taking over their garden box.
green beans and peppers,
and our tomatos are starting to ripen.
{seriously, we think we have about 500 pounds of tomatos
and once they start turning's on!}
 dinners are starting to look like this.
i love when dinners are free.
just add a little chicken or steak and we're set.
our staycation summer is still
even though we are pretty much doing the same thing every weekend
sitting pool side
harvesting the garden
a little cleaning here and there
we're saving money which was our goal
and just enjoying eachother's company.

August 02, 2011


 it's august already.
i can't believe it.
we are just now getting summer weather
and it is heaven!
 monkey is the only one who will sit still long enough for a picture.
so i hope you enjoy all of him this post.
 we had a hulahoop contest at my sis-in-laws the other night.
hubby somebody got some very unflattering pics of my back side
as i tried to beat my niece.
{she's awesome. she won. she's 7.}
i'm loving the 60's vintage editing choice on picnik.
it reminds me of what all my pictures look like in my baby book.
 we are elbow deep in football.
a schedule that consists of practice tuesday - friday 6-8 p.m.
{i know...whuck???}
peanut is the Grants Pass Raiders.
he's not happy about it, but i am glowing!
finally my family has to cheer for my favorite team!
he's gonna rock it no matter what team he is on!
remember this picture?
our garden in the beginning of july.
 well august is here and this is what we look like now.
everything is blooming and overflowing with the fruits of our labor {literally}
in the next couple weeks we will hopefully begin harvesting
and then it's on.
 what's in our garden you ask???  well....
pumpkins; corn; sunflowers; strawberries; 4 different kinds of peppers; cilantro; 13 tomato plants; cucumbers; green beans; carrots; 3 different kinds of lettuce; spaghetti squash; zucchini; snap peas; onions; oragano; basil; chocolate mint; and regular mint.

we may have had a small clogging incident that resulted in 2 trips to the hardware store for plumbing snakes {regular size and then industrial size}
hubby working on it every night after work for a week
the boys all using my bathroom {ick!}
and ended in defeat when hubby had to take the toilet completely out of the bathroom
only to find a foam D and a 2 causing the problem.
{ i right?}
♥ hello best friends ♥
 and monkey again,
if you haven't gotten sick of his pics.
that's it.
back to reality after momma and nephew left.
work, swimming, laundry, cooking, work, cleaning, swimming, football, therapy...
i know sleep is supposed to go in there somewhere, right?

august is here
which means only 5 more weeks of summer to enjoy
before school starts.