April 04, 2012


{watching}  nothing, i'm tryin to get some photos edited.
 {drinking}  coffee in large quantities!
 {wearing} my sweats...not gonna lie...might just wear them all day.
 {listening to} jack watching mickey mouse club house and yelling "oh toodles!"
 {avoiding} starting work.  my desk is in emmett's room and it stinks like boy in there....bad.
 {wishing} it were warmer outside, this rain/snow is getting old.
 {feeling} anxiety over the boys baseball practice/game schedule.
 i'll be running all over town for the next 3 months.
 {missing} hubby...he's been in portland on business for a few days.
 {needing} to get back into a workout routine.
hopefully when the boys have practice i can get a workout in....hopefully.
 {thinking} about what to have for dinner. 
i have to start preparing first thing in the morning
 or we end up with soup and grilled cheese....again.
 {thankful for} the ability to still grow.
 {wondering} where jack's missle car is.
we've been looking for it for months now.
 {praying} for dry weather this weekend.
it's opening weekend for the baseball here!
 {dreaming} of summertime.  we have so many fun things planned this year!
 {loving} the strawberries from albertsons.
tis the season, and i am craving them like crazy these days!
 {weather is} raining, with a chance of snow....seriously.