June 25, 2012


i know i'm the mother of these 2,
but can you say handsome?
{last day of third and first grade}
 there are honest to lord
absolutely no words to describe how proud we are of this one
and how he did with baseball this year.
 and just for fun...
these 2.
such handsome boys i am surrounded by.

♥ lucky me ♥


on father's day
monkey turned 3.
{can you believe it....THREE years old!}
it was a beautiful day outside.
his cousins came to celebrate the afternoon.
 mr. "i love being center of attention at all times" decided that today he did not.
and perched himself up on the toybox for a good portion of the day.
 we love having our cousins around.
they're just as silly as we are.
and isn't that what family is all about?
 the kids swam in the new pool
and us adults sat in the shade for hours.
 snacks. and swimming.
and snacks.
and a bit more swimming.
{jack was still perched up on the toybox}

another year older.
another year of baby shed.
another year of new adventure for our little monkey.


{father's day, june 2012}

for him...
it calms him down.
for him...
it clears his mind.
 for him...
it's like a giant reset button
 for him...
time stands still and life starts to happen.
for him...
it's quality time just sitting and saying nothing
but meaning everything.
 for him...
it's the way he was raised,
and it's the way he wants his boys to be.
for him...
it's the best kind of work. 
for him...
it's the best vacation.
{in our own backyard no less}
 for him...
it's the only place he wants to be.
 for him...
we enjoy it just as much.
 for him...
we all found a hobby we enjoy together.
and we can't wait to go again.
and again.
and again.

and on a side note...
while floating, we came across this little beauty and i thought...
...for me?

happy father's day to the bestest daddy in the whole world!

June 22, 2012


and still enjoying every minute of it...

love you hubby.
here's to 40 more!

{we promised each other 50 years before we renegotiated our contract...hahaha}

June 05, 2012

memorial weekend{camping}

{warning: this post is chock full of adorable photos!}

over memorial weekend, our town has a huge carnival with jet boat races, concerts, craziness, the whole bit.  we don't participate and try to keep from going into town, because little bear cannot cope with the crazy {and we can't blame him}
 even though we don't go near it, just knowing it's happening in town raises his anxiety level.
 my in-laws were up at howard prairie lake to go fishing, so we decided to pack up for a night and join them.  we packed light, just what we could fit in the back of my truck. 
 no toys.  hot dogs and a bag of chips for dinner over the campfire, our chairs, and all the blankets we could shove in the sides.....and our fishing gear.
 it was cold. there was snow on the ground. the fog was thick on the drive up. 
it went from 70 degrees at our place, to 42 degrees at the campground.
we got out of the truck and put on every piece of clothing we brought.
grabbed the blankets we brought with us.
and piled onto grandpa's boat, because that's what we came for....fishing.
 i will admit, i was the only one that complained about being cold, but i tried to keep it to myself.
i bundled under the boys blankets and just sat and enjoyed watching all my boys fish.
little bear caught his first fish and i don't know who was more excited,
daddy or little bear.
 it was windy, rainy, snowy, hail, you name it...mother nature threw it at us.
but we fished on and caught 2 on saturday.
 we got off the boat at about 3 and went hiking for a bit in the hail.
then we came back to camp and started a fire for hot dogs.
about 2 hours later, the skies cleared and it was absolutely beautiful.
cold still....but beautiful!
 we sat around the campfire until it was pitch black.
the boys slept in the motor home with grandpa and grandma where it was warm
and hubby and i got the tent outside...but with all those blankets.
we woke up sunday to clear skies and it hit about 64 degrees.
we did a bit more fishing in the sunshine and caught 3 more total.
when grandpa and grandma left we did little hiking
little bear loves to hike...and it's great therapy for him.
daddy tried to teach us to mushroom hunt, but we didn't find any.
{a group walking off the trail as we were coming in had a whole bag full.
daddy was not happy}
it was such a wonderful 2-day trip.
we even weighed our options about staying another night,
but decided not to push our luck.

camping season has officially kicked off.
and having our first trip be amazing has us excited.

we have baseball every night for the next 2 weeks and then the season is over.
the boys get out of school on june 14th.
they are pumped....i am scared.
monkey's birthday is june 17th, father's day, and we're hoping to have a family brunch to celebrate
he is pumped, picked out his cake already and tells everyone he sees that it's his birthday.

we have some good things on the calendar these next few months.
i can't wait to share!

9 things no one wants to regret {when they're older}

"in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we took too long to make."

1. not spending enough time smiling with the people you love.
2. holding a grudge and never forgiving someone you about.
 3. fulfilling everyone else's dream, instead of your own.
4. not being honest about how you feel.
5. being foolish and irresponsible with your finances.
6. getting caught up in needless drama and negativity.
7. never making your own happiness a priority.
8. never making a difference in the life of others.
9. failing because you were scared to fail.
{emmett reads at night before he goes to bed and fell asleep like this...priceless}

what is making you happy right now?