November 12, 2010

Chocolate Bar.....

I don't know what you're talking about...

November 08, 2010


We have never pushed our kids to play any sports.  We figured with 3 boys, there would come a time when all we did was shuffle to and from different sporting events.  So, when Nolan took a very big interest in playing soccer this year....we were all thrilled!  Thankfully, Nolan's soccer coach happened to be Emmett's baseball coach from last year, so we all knew eachother and Nolan felt very comfortable. 

It took a few games, and then Nolan made his first goal.  From then on it was as if something had clicked and he became a little goal hungry.  He kept a tally of all the goals he made and we ended the season with 21 goals!

Way to go Little Bear and the Blue Tidalwaves!


Channeling Varsity Blues...

  I don't know who was more excited, him....or us.  Here he is, in all his football glory.  What a great season the Cavemen White had this year.  We had such a blast and look forward to another great season next year!

We even found time to take the boys and join our neighbors for a Grants Pass High School Cavement football game.  Hard to believe these 2 monsters are going to play for Grants Pass High in just a few short years (locking them in the freezer now).  If you remember from one of my last football posts, this is our neighbor, adopted son, Emmett's partner in crime.