August 08, 2011


minus one of my littles...
these boys are my everything
we do this alot.
marshmallows and graham crackers.
giggles and snuggles.
 little bear has a constellation book
and a telescope
so we did a little star gazing together.
 snuggled by the fire
nestled in between mom and dad
these 2 felt safe and fell asleep.
 we are going to try our hand at harvesting sunflower seeds.
i love how giant sunflowers are.
i could fill my whole yard with them.
 you see that?
it's broccoli, can you believe it.
i'm actually growing broccoli!
 we did our first actual harvest this weekend.
so many onions that needed to be pulled
zucchini squash that was bigger than my leg.
cucumbers taking over their garden box.
green beans and peppers,
and our tomatos are starting to ripen.
{seriously, we think we have about 500 pounds of tomatos
and once they start turning's on!}
 dinners are starting to look like this.
i love when dinners are free.
just add a little chicken or steak and we're set.
our staycation summer is still
even though we are pretty much doing the same thing every weekend
sitting pool side
harvesting the garden
a little cleaning here and there
we're saving money which was our goal
and just enjoying eachother's company.


  1. Love the garden sister! Super cool, wish we could grow one here. Hey...I just found this new blog and could NOT stop laughing, thought you would appreciate it too.

  2. Sometimes staycations are the best!

    I can't figure out how to "follow" your blog. I will work on it, I don't see the sign up button, I recently signed up as your sisters follower too :) And thanks for your comment :)

    You & your sister remind me of me & my sister :)