August 22, 2011

just another{random}monday house...laundry...groceries...garening...
that pretty much sums up what we have been doing
these last few weeks.
the boys and i took an afternoon to get out of the house
and went down to a local middle school to pick blackberries.
they had such a blast....who knew?
i made a blackberry pie {oh even yesser}
and have enough blackberries to can some jam.
they grow like crazy around here so we have a couple more
good months of berry picking.
for free...why not?
we got to sit on this baby for an evening.
he's our most favorite alden in the whole world!
{sorry about the blurry pic, but he's darn cute!}
jack was trying to teach alden
how to climb up the stairs to get in.
as if he didn't know.
and he sure loves his "memmitt"
kept giving him hugs the whole evening.
the garden is doing pretty amazing.
this is what we pick off the garden weekly.
we canned our first batch of salsa this weekend.
 little bear is doing great.
enjoying his summertime
swimming, eating, playing
and doing it all again the next day.
we've been able to go across the street to our sweet neighbor's house and swim
needless to say, a pool may be in our near-er future.
 we've been celebrating a few birthdays.
this was shay's 4th birthday on the river.
such a blast, we need to go down there more often.
emmett got to go on a jet-ski ride.
{yeah, a boat might be in our future also}
they have such a wonderful little cove the kids can play in
out of the current, away from the boats.
 for having such a huge fear of the river in the past few years
little bear only took about 5 minutes to warm up to the idea
before he was in, and you couldn't get him out.
even when the boats drove by.
he stopped to watch, then it was back to playing.
{so proud}
it didn't suck!
 handsome monkey
isn't he?
 monkey fell asleep in the shower
{ever happen to you?}
 there's something down right adorable
about baby butts
am i right?
emmett has been in football all month and is loving it.
their jamboree is coming up this saturday and then the season is on.
we have 2 weeks left of summer
before these monsters go back to school.
i can't believe the summer is almost over.
for enjoying a summer stay-cation,
time sure did fly by.

happy monday!

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