September 06, 2011


we have 3 little boys and a pet is not something i am interested in dealing with.

a few weeks ago while out watering and harvesting the garden,
this little man came out of our squash and has been attached to our feet ever since.
he walked into the house like he owned the place and has made himself comfortable.

the boys named him marbles
and after a week of making sure nobody was looking for him,
he became ours.

best part is he's 100% potty trained.  he lets us know when he wants to go outside
and has not used the house once for his personal restroom. {what could be better}
he is wonderful with the kids
monkey is always making sure he knows where marbles is at.
they are all very adorable together.

so we've been adopted
and it was a wonderful decision on all parts.

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