September 13, 2011

my{boys}of fall

with school season comes sports season
and with sports season comes these 2 studs.

third year soccer star.
little bear is on the 7-year-old team
they practice twice a week.
they keep score.
they play a whole field.
and there's positions.
 he's not 100% sure about it yet, last saturday was his first game
and he sat out not wanting to play for a while.
but we'll let him do his thing until he says otherwise.
{team name: running cheetahs}

then there's this second season football stud.
 that's my boy, number twenty duce!
pop warner went pro this year and we are the:
Grants Pass Raiders! {yeah!!!}

first game was last sunday and they did great {but lost}

bring it on sports season, we're ready!

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  1. Hi! I just checked out the link you sent me to the camp little people set. Oh my gosh, I want it!!! See what I mean? They are PRICEY!!! I am going to keep my eye out though. You never know what you can find! I just love Oregon, by the way. I had the chance to visit friends in Roseburg and loved it there. LOVED it Thanks for sending the link to me!!