September 07, 2011


this little bit of heaven i read on a blog somewhere
{sorry if it was your idea, please let me know and i'll link you to it}
my neighbor made something very similar in a casserol dish for my birthday.
it's awesome.

while camping we had s'mores, cookies, popcorn, and licorice.
however, i made each kiddo one of these beauties.
 it took a while to make as you have to wait for the color to settle
before you can pour the next color on top.
i would say a day, but that sounds crazy
{although i think it really is a day to make}
{i l.o.v.e. little bear's face in this picture. i believe this was the last night of camping}

it would be really good with whip cream on top.
maybe some sprinkles {cause everything is good with sprinkles}
it was a lot of jello for a kid.
i think they each had a few bites before they were full.

making these still keeps me in the running for
"mother of the year"
{at least in my eyes}

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