September 09, 2011

5 on friday

five things that are making me smile this friday are....

5. enjoying a cup of coffee in my backyard
{not ready for the colder mornings}

 4. our new chore chart. i don't know why, but colorful smiley face magnets
make a child want to do some work around here. {fine by me}

3. to you this is just my empty livingroom, but to me it's silence.
peanut and little bear are in school. full time. 5 days a week. {aaahhhh}

2. my laundry/craft room looks like this. however, this first part of this week it was covered in clothes. i believe i did 17 loads of laundry this week. {i think my washing machine said some 4-letter words to me yesterday.}

 1. this funny face just going with the flow. brothers in school, sports after school, no real nap time, no real meal time, yet he's still a happy boy.

it's friday y'all and we don't have any practice tonight! {winning}
the boys have made it through their first full week of school and still want to go {epic}
little bear has his first real "keeping score" soccer game saturday {yeah}
and peanut has his first official football game on sunday {go raiders!}
in between all of that we are hoping to can some more salsa.

what makes you smile on friday?

1 comment:

  1. Hey there! Sounds like you are enjoying some "me" time while the little ones are in school. Isn't it grand!!
    So...fisher price made a tent trailer and little people? I don't believe I ever saw that one. My kids are older, so that one could have been a more recent one. But it sounds cute. I just loved those little play sets to pieces!!!