August 02, 2011


 it's august already.
i can't believe it.
we are just now getting summer weather
and it is heaven!
 monkey is the only one who will sit still long enough for a picture.
so i hope you enjoy all of him this post.
 we had a hulahoop contest at my sis-in-laws the other night.
hubby somebody got some very unflattering pics of my back side
as i tried to beat my niece.
{she's awesome. she won. she's 7.}
i'm loving the 60's vintage editing choice on picnik.
it reminds me of what all my pictures look like in my baby book.
 we are elbow deep in football.
a schedule that consists of practice tuesday - friday 6-8 p.m.
{i know...whuck???}
peanut is the Grants Pass Raiders.
he's not happy about it, but i am glowing!
finally my family has to cheer for my favorite team!
he's gonna rock it no matter what team he is on!
remember this picture?
our garden in the beginning of july.
 well august is here and this is what we look like now.
everything is blooming and overflowing with the fruits of our labor {literally}
in the next couple weeks we will hopefully begin harvesting
and then it's on.
 what's in our garden you ask???  well....
pumpkins; corn; sunflowers; strawberries; 4 different kinds of peppers; cilantro; 13 tomato plants; cucumbers; green beans; carrots; 3 different kinds of lettuce; spaghetti squash; zucchini; snap peas; onions; oragano; basil; chocolate mint; and regular mint.

we may have had a small clogging incident that resulted in 2 trips to the hardware store for plumbing snakes {regular size and then industrial size}
hubby working on it every night after work for a week
the boys all using my bathroom {ick!}
and ended in defeat when hubby had to take the toilet completely out of the bathroom
only to find a foam D and a 2 causing the problem.
{ i right?}
♥ hello best friends ♥
 and monkey again,
if you haven't gotten sick of his pics.
that's it.
back to reality after momma and nephew left.
work, swimming, laundry, cooking, work, cleaning, swimming, football, therapy...
i know sleep is supposed to go in there somewhere, right?

august is here
which means only 5 more weeks of summer to enjoy
before school starts.

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  1. Hey there! I am so glad you found my blog and left a comment on my bunting post! I love your blog! You are adorable! And what a nice looking family! I have daughters your age!! My oldest just celebrated her 9th anniversary too! I also love the area you live in! I have friends in Oregon and love it there. Your garden is fabulous! And about that anniversary trip, and the see through window!!! OH MY! That guy should be reported!!!! Glad you closed the blinds!!!
    I will be back to visit soon.