January 06, 2010

My Sweet Boys...

It starts the same every night...the boys go to bed at 8 and I typically have to go in their room once or twice to ask them to quit talking and get some sleep. Only, on a particular night a few weeks ago, I walked into their room to routinely tell them it was quiet time and they needed to go to sleep, when I was answered in unison, "Mommy, we are just doing our questions." Taken by surprise, I simply said okay and to wrap it up.
I sat outside their door listening to my 2 little boys ask eachother questions about their day. They were having a real mini adult conversation. I listened for a while: "Did you read a story?", "Who did you play with?", "Did you have a good lunch?", and my personal favorite from Emmett to Nolan, "Did you make good choices?"
(something Nolan's teacher asks him to do almost on a regular basis.)
I laughed. I cried. And it was the last time I interrupted them at nighttime.
These 2 are amazing!


  1. And cue the crying. You have a good group over there. Real good group.

  2. Yeah...and the crying starts over here too!!!