April 20, 2011


tell me these 2 aren't brothers...
nothing new going on. 
but who doesn't love pictures?
this is a BBQ cheeseburger pizza i hand made on friday night.
homemade crust.
browned hamburger with spices.
bbq/ranch pizza sauce (cause we don't like the traditional tomato sauce)
lots of cheese.
tomatoes and lettuce.
 i made this for lunch the other day.
farm fresh eggs courtesy of Clark Farms (thanks Clarks!)
leftover sesame ginger chicken from dinner the other night.
asparagus from my garden (thats right, mine!)
and cheese.
it was perfect after a long walk with the boys.
 friday night dance party in the allen's (kind of a tradition)
i'm glad my family has the same passion for music that i do.
otherwise...this would be getting pretty awkward.
 hubby and i had a rainy drive on saturday (location secret until further notice)
i want to live on a vineyard, in a giant old tuscan style house
maybe make it a bed and breakfast.
hubby just smiles and says...
"how about a grape garden."
so cute he is.
 this little man....heavenly.
bff's the hardin's little man.
he can say my name so clearly.
ran right up to me the second i walked in the door.
never left my side.
snuggles like nobody's business.
and in a very dramatic fashion,
throws his hands up and says...
"that's hilarious"
OMG i never laughed so hard.
in love i tell you. in.love.
seattle as we jetted by.
not the best picture, but people drive like crazy up there.
easter is this weekend and we are heading out of town to visit family.
it should be fun, exciting, and lots of people. 
the boys are looking forward to it
because they get to "play hookey" on friday from school.

that's all i got.
happy wednesday!

{p.s. have you seen my 365?  i've been keeping up, yeah me!}

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