April 12, 2011


my inspiration that is.
my mojo.
my "breath of fresh air" so to speak.
friday the boys didn't have school
little bear had therapy
and since i don't have a sitter, these 2 roudy's have to come with me.
i took them for a walk so that little bear could have "his time" with no distractions.
it was cold, but just what we needed to start friday morning heading into the weekend.
orange is little bear's safe favorite color.
he has this orange hat and an orange sweatshirt that he wears EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
i love it though,
not only because i can pick him out in a crowd,
but it's like his signature. something he chooses to do. he loves it. and i love that.
(he got 2 goals that game)
 guess who's feet grew a whole dang size in ONE month....
(i have got to quit feeding these boys)
they got new kicks and L.O.V.E. them!
 so, i have decided that my house needs more bright colors.
i have color all over the place.
every wall is painted.
every room has a theme so to speak.
but i realized this weekend that i'm bored.
so i moved some knick knacks around
bought a can of spray paint.
read a couple of ladies blogs that truly inspire me.
and decided to change things up a bit.
do you love???
this mirror was brown, just like the rest of the room.
and this room needed some sprucing up.
i painted it, then sanded it to make it all distressed looking.
and ta-da...i'm instantly refreshed.
these are the "family rules" 
(print found here)
i am falling in love with prints these days.
they are so easy,
printed right off my printer at home,
for free!
and love print (found here)
 i think they add a certain "oomph" to a room
something different than the same-ol family picture.
 i have a neighbor who leaves me little gifts on the doorstep from time to time.
(creepy i know, but i just go with it)
she left this blue watering can when i first moved in and i never knew what to do with it.
it's all cracked and water doesn't stay in it very well.
so i put a mason jar inside, added some branches from the bush in the front yard.
and viola instant spruce up!
i found this print here
although my boys learned this in pre-school.
their teacher used to say it to kids all the time.
i love it.
it holds true for all ages.
kind of a "just go with it" sort of phrase.
all in all
things are looking up.
we figured we had plenty of time till we have to put veggies in the ground
so we started all of our plant starts again.
(wish us luck)
if mother nature would join the rest of us in celebrating spring
things would be a whole lot easier to enjoy.
sunshine makes everything enjoyable.

happy tuesday!

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