August 04, 2010

Coming To Terms...

With the new lady in my son's life.
This is Caelen. We heart Caelen. She is our "Best Friend, in the whole world!"
Nolan and Caelen were in pre-school together and became instant best friends. She is adorable and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want her a part of my family forever. Unfortunately, being a military family, they recently moved up to Washington. Lucky for us, her family lives here in Grants Pass, so we will hopefully be able to still visit with her. They are 2 of the cutest kids ever, and enjoy every minute with eachother.


  1. Shaunna, Thank you for your sweet words:) I was going to e-mail you but couldn't find a link. Yes I live in Grants Pass too!Sounds like we're on similar paths, maybe we could meet up for coffee one of these days??!! Thanks for visiting me & God Bless your cute little family, Mandy

  2. p.s. I so hope you weren't there in wal-mart yesterday to see the metioned melt-down-HA!