December 02, 2010

Giving Thanks...In A Nutshell

Crafts are becoming a huge part of our routine.  It gives the boys something to do, lets me dig into my giant supply of scrapbooking equipment, and we get to decorate the house when we're done.  These are the boys turkeys....adorable.
 We spent Thanksgiving out at my in-laws.  It was wonderful.  Good food.  Good company.  And an EPIC football game orchestrated by Emmett himself.  These are our numbers we were supposed to wear on the back of our shirts.  Emmett spent days preparing for this game.  There were 2 teams with Emmett (Cowboys) and Nolan (Patriots) as captains.  As you can see, Emmett's team was all boys, and Nolan picked all the girls...and Daddy.
 It is going to become our new tradition. 
We all had a blast and in the end I think we tied. 
(But who's really counting?)


This was our attempt at a family photo (with the hopes of using it for a Christmas card), but as you can see, I have a very uncooperative little family. 
(To the cloud, as they say.)
It was a great day.

We at way to much.

Laughed so much we cried.

Cooked and cleaned together as a family.

And were home and in bed by 9:30.


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