February 23, 2012


so lets make a long story short.
2012 has been way less than stellar...
{not even sure how this happened???}
this had a  51 inch TV in it...
that we just bought
that had a serious run in with a 2-year-old and a fire truck.
 this is the light in the boys' room.
which also met its fate with a 2-year-old and a hammer
 i have 3 boys.
the all have an overwhelming load of crap
long story short....i'm tired of picking it all up.
so i stopped....
in early february we got an official diagnosis for little bear
aspergers and austistic spectrum
high functioning.
so the paperwork begins.
and the new research begins.
and we owe him everything we can do to make sure he is a true success.
your family doesn't go through plungers
faster than we can go through a bag of cereal?
 this hallway is still depressingly empty.
i framed and hung up this united states map that little bear colored.
he loves it.
it's full of bright fun colors that i want to start adding to the house.
yet here it is....still empty.

and just when we think the sun is beginning to shine...

we turn around to see another storm charging us...



and this to shall pass.
and we will be back to new in no time.

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