March 27, 2012


sooo........where have we been?
that is a very good question.

{yum, guess what's in season!}
 i keep buying myself spring flowers for my pretty jars,
only to have them bloom in the house a few days later,
me wonder why the heck i'm sick again,
and hubby reminding me that i'm allergic.
{go figure}
somebody may have had a birthday this month.
and that certain somebody may have gotten their own room
after sharing one with his younger brother for the last 8 years.
{nobody warned me just switching rooms would be so emotional}
 that means little bear and monkey are now in the room together.
little bear was so excited to become the big brother in the room
and be able to move to the top bunk, cause that's only for the "big brother" {so cute}
they are adorable in here and the room feels like a little boy room again
with emmett in his own big kid room.
room move = success!
 in honor of his 9th birthday {and to break in the new room}
Emmett had a baseball/sleepover party with 6 of his bestest friends!
 we had a blast.
it stopped raining for one day only and we got lucky it was our day.
we took the boys down to the school for a little baseball.
i don't have any pictures, because i was all time outfielder.
 we bought an Xbox 360 off of a friend of ours
and i absolutely l.o.v.e. the excitement on Emmett and his buddy's face.
priceless parent moment!
 little bear has been doing so good with all that has been going on this month.
they've hardly went to school, lots of teacher in-service days
professional days, conferences,
and now we're on spring break.
plus the whole switching room transition and emmett's sleepover party.
he's maturing quite nicely, we're so proud.
we recieved the final report from Eugene, submitted it to his school, and should be
getting a nice little curriculum in place {i'll keep y'all posted}
 and as for monkey these days....
words cannot express the amount of craziness this boy is.
we are trying to break him like a wild horse these days.
he's adorable, and in the same breath you want to wring his cute little neck.
the boys are on spring break this week.
it's pouring rain and should stay that way all week
baseball is starting this week {both emmett and little bear are playing this year}
and it's the last week of march...can you believe it?

hope things are great in your neck of the woods!

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