May 03, 2012


i'd blog, but....

i'm to busy watching #5 kill it at his first year of baseball.
and watching #2 still be awesome at baseball after moving up to minors
{i'm score keeper though, so no photos as of yet}
and we're busy hanging out with our cousins...watching the girls play soccer.
 i'm busy watching these boys create an unbreakable bond of brotherhood.
 i'm busy learning how amazing this little brain is.
 and reminding myself that this one is only 2 {almost 3}
 even though he talks and acts like he's 8.
 we're busy cleaning house
literally and figuratively...
it's not that i don't enjoy blogging...
it's just that i'm really enjoying life at the moment.
focusing on the positive
cleaning out the negative
and being greatful for the blessings.

until next time...

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