October 14, 2010

Getting It Just Right...

Last week was hubby's 32nd Birthday!  (Unfortunately for him, it felt more like 42.) 

I usually throw a huge party with friends, family, and a few surprises...but this year we decided to kept it quiet (it was a Tuesday night after all). 
Hubby just wanted to order his favorite
pizza from Abby's....
.....a very simple Cherry Cheesecake as dessert.  (No cooking and no cleaning, almost a Happy Birthday to me, right??) 

Having 4 boys in my life, I rarely (never) get a picture where they are all looking right at the camera...at the same time (forget it)...while smiling (someone is always mad)... and not blinking (who can help it with the flash)....impossible! 
Trying to not get frustrated by it anymore, I have decided to cut and crop the heck out of my pictures.  These come from a series of about 7 pictures I tried to take while singing Happy Birthday To Daddy.

I truly enjoy Emmett's sheer frustration at me snapping picture after picture, fully knowing that none of them were going to turn out.  He is priceless!  

This is the keeper!  I'll give Jackson some leniency...after all, he is only 1, and this process did last a lot longer than anyone would have liked (considering cheesecake was right in front of us).
Happy Birthday, Hubby/Daddy!  We L.O.V.E. You!

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