January 04, 2012


where has the time gone? 
these last few days i have been reading my blog list and everyone starts the same way...
"i can't believe it's already 2012!"
truer words were never spoken and here i sit uttering the exact same phrase.
 this blog post should be full of amazing family pictures from christmas,
it should show off all the wonderful friends that came to the holiday party we hosted
{our first of many to come!}
it should show all the traveling we did to visit friends and family
all the stunning christmas lights we drove around to see
all the food we ate...and ate...and ate...
 but it's not...well, at least not as much.
part of "being in the moment" means actually BEING in the moment.
it meant sitting cross legged on the floor helping the monkeys tear open the wrapping paper.
it meant being elbow deep in frosting while allowing my 2-year-old to dump an entire
bottle of sprinkles on the cookie HE made.
 it was about actually trying everything on the table that your friends brought
to the party...because we all know that with january, comes diet and exercise. {yuck}
 it was about cheersing and clinking of glasses with friends and family
and never pausing the laughter and conversation to say "cheese"
 it meant just sitting in the middle of it all and enjoying life.
the holiday's.
 we read stories
watched christmas movies
{which am i the only one that thought cable tv was lacking in the xmas movie selection?}
pandora played christmas music like it was getting paid for it.
 santa stopped by
{guess what's going on in my garage almost 24/7}
we traveled to bend to enjoy a "practically family" vacation home for 4 blissful days.
with the clark's, the smith's, and the other smith's
{kind of like my brother darrell and my other brother darrell}
8 adults + 8 kids + one preggo {love you sarah} = super fun {whuck}
oh yeah...we had a blast!!!
we ate and went swimming at the indoor kiddy pool.
and ate...and went sledding.
and ate...and us mommies got away for a much needed pedi and coffee.
and ate...and the daddies went for their annual "first beer of the new year"
at the local brewery.
we did crafts for the kids.
played card games and catch phrase
and did i mention we ate....cause we did. A.L.O.T.
we rang in the new year laughing till it hurt.
hugging and truly being greatful for where we were
and what we were doing.
and then it was over.
the decorations put away.
the kiddos back in school.
trying as hard as possible to get back into the routine.
and to be honest...i could use a vacation and some serious sleep.
but it was all worth it
and we made it to yet another year.
a clean slate.
and we can't wait to relive it

happy 2012

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  1. mmmmmm, I LOVE that fact that you DON"T have pictures of everything you did over the holiday season. When everything was said and done and I was loading my pictures onto the computer I realized I had only three or four pictures of our baby's first Christmas. I felt like a bad mom and told my husband we totally dropped the ball on that one. He said, "well how many pictures do you need?" GREAT point... instead of taking pictures of her first Christmas, I was holding her in my lap, unwrapping gifts with her, holding her up so she could see all the action from her cousins and older sisters. It was great. I love my four pictures...couldn't possibly need ANY more!