December 27, 2011

little bear's {birthday} week

 little bear had an amazing week of birthday celebrations!
it all started with his actual birthday falling on a tuesday {school night}
and we celebrated semi-big with just the 5 of us.
 we had pizza for dinner
train cake for dessert
and he got to open all his presents he got in the mail.

 remote control speed boat
a globe
cars memory game
 a light bright
and craft supplies
 he had a wonderful day.

then day 2 was on a saturday
he invited 8 friends from school
and we took them to
the urban monkey
 its a giant warehouse with trampolines built into the floor
and trampolines on the wall
and foam pits
and nets so you don't fly out of the "designated area"
it was awesome!
 2 solid hours of jumping to music
even the parents jumped
it was such a blast!
 they supply the birthday cupcake-cake
drinks, and a private room to open gifts.
 alden's mom caught alden before he grabbed at the cake...
however, it shamed him and he was traumatized for a good portion of the cake part.
it was absolutely adorable.
 his smiles may be weird and toothless,
but it is absolutely food for my soul.
 even these 2 had a great time.
especially after cake.

it was another successful happy birthday week
for our little bear.
7 is going to be a great year!

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