December 15, 2011


we've been doing it since the year we met {13 years ago}
hubby's been doing it his whole life.
the annual "cutting of the tree" trip
we pack our coolers.
we pack wood for the fire.
we pack sleds, warm clothes, hot chocolate, lawn chairs,
the works.
we drive high up into the mountains to be sure we get snow.
we first set up "camp" and have lunch
get comfortable in our snow suits
and introduce ourselves to our new surroundings.

then, the hunt is on...
for that one perfect tree.
the one that calls out your name.
the clouds part
 sunshine dances on it's needles
and hubby swears you hear angles singing.

this year was extra special because....
someone has become "of age"
and the ax torch had been passed.
"really daddy, are you sure?"
and daddy sure was.
he did great.
a couple great swings
a few dents in the trunk
and a lifetime of memories that HE cut OUR tree down
{of course daddy finished, but that's not the point}
it was a day filled with new traditions
and sadness happiness in the triumphs of our "grown up-ish" boy
decorating it is so stressful much fun!

this is a star hubby made out of cardboard and aluminum foil
13 years ago when all we had were some borrowed lights from his parents
and nothing else.
it will probably adorn the top of our tree until we're old and gray.
the decorations are up.
the stockins are hung.
the christmas music is set to "repeat"
the shopping is done.
the shipping is done.
and the boys have one more day of school till break.
next week we have holiday crafts
cookie baking
and lots of christmas movies to watch!

happy middle of december
hope you're all surviving
and enjoying thus far!

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