December 08, 2011

little bear's{big}moment

just another milestone in little bear's amazing growth
he had his first grade christmas program.
i appologize for all the photos being blurry.
i still am not 100% sure how to use my camera.
and i was nervous, anxious, and just super excited for this little man.
 3 first grade classes, and he was in the middle, first row.
at least 80 parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, friends
all staring back at them.
it only lasted 30 minutes,
they sang 6 songs
and a few kids read a few christmas poems.
he rocked back and forth to the music
all whilst singing and doing the moves he has practiced for 3 months
{seriously, his music teacher let us know they have been practicing this since before halloween}
i love this picture of him doing his movements,
but also having a "moment" with the adorable brunette in the next class
{yup, that's our little bear. such a lady's man}

and just for fun
this is a photo of peanut and little bear
with creepy awesome santa
way back in the day
circa december 2005
epic and classic
all in the same moment.

december is here...

let's celebrate!!!

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