December 06, 2011


okay, here we go.....

and to the point...

like i said in my last "neglecting" post
we traveled to elko, nevada for thanksgiving.
 we really did have a great time just being with family
even if that meant me working every day...
the boys wanting to go shooting
and driving around in papa's jeep
and just be out of the house.
 the rest of us passing around the flu
that all started with sister...
who conveniently left for the rest of the week/weekend
 while this one threw up and slept
and missed every
we had for the whole week.
we have a big family, and not even half of us were there.
it was just my older brother, his wife, and 3 of their 4 children.
then there was me and hubby
and our 3 monsters.
but we were missing both of my sisters.
one was on a romantic coastal trip with her love,
because she was childless this thanksgiving
{check her out here}
the other sister was literally giving birth
to her second beautiful son, Evan.
{pictures to follow soon, i don't have any at the moment}
and there was one more brother missing
with his beautiful...
and very pregnant wife
who are making a comfy home for themselves
down in louisianna.
I can't remember the last time the 5 of us were together.
i don't even think all of our kids have ever been together.
there are 12 grandkids in all thus far.
but like i said.
we still had a great time being with family.
we laughed.
we cried {from laughter, not because we were sad}
we shared an illness of epic proportions.
we ate {and ate, and ate, and ate}
we did some shopping {because i'm a bad mom with my kids shoes...whatev}
we got outside for a couple walks,
shooting guns
driving papa's jeep
and we watched new christmas programs.
it was wonderful.
we haven't been back to nevada in almost 3 years.
it's been way to long,
and we hope to do it again soon.
{minus the flu it!!!}
that's our november.
not much, yet it flew by in a blink of an eye.

for december we have:
birthdays {a little bear turning 7 in particular}
holiday parties {having one of our own for the first time}
a family photo shoot {to be blogged about later}
shopping and wrapping
healing from being sick {monkey and i are still carrying it around}
christmas with family
a few "family days" of our own
and the ever enjoyable tradition of
saying goodbye to it all
as we ring in the new year and embrace all that a fresh start has to offer.
{we actually have plans for new years this year, yeah us!}

Goodbye November...

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