November 30, 2011


wholy moly it has been a while since I've updated.
I'm sorry.
I have no new photos for this post.
thanksgiving we went to elko, nevada to visit family.
we all passed around the flu for the week.
I had to bring my computer and work.
I got no photos.

we're home now, it's the last day of november,
hubby and I are still sick from last week.
monkey is sick {that's the worst, he's so little, no medicine.}
we are back into the work mode.
hubby is traveling again this week.

tomorrow is december 1st.
hubby and I have decided we want an overdose of christmas this month.
we created a game to see how many holiday movies we can watch this month.
even if we watch the same ones over and over again
{seriously abc family, switch it up a bit.}
although we are still not 100% {truthfully not even 60%}
little bear has a christmas program at school tomorrow
{he is so pumped, and crazy full of anxiety}
in between coughing fits last night, I tried to create our lists for the month.
{in an adorable christmas "to do" book that I will blog about later}
we have every weekend planned with something.
holiday parties {I think we might even throw one this year}
baking, decorating, crafting, shopping, wrapping, photo shoots
{finally a family picture that includes monkey}
trying to visit with friends and just enjoy all december has to offer.

although we are looking quite pathetic right now
{wont even go near eachother, cause we each have different sickies}
we are excited for the challange. 
I still have to unplug my work computer and plug my old one in to get photos and such
so my goal is to do that on sunday's and blog for the week so that each day it updates with something new {wish me luck}
I'm also going to complete my 365 because I'm too close now to just quit.

so again, sorry for no photos this time.
sorry I haven't updated anyone on what the haps are around here.
sorry we've been a little MIA these last few weeks.
but rest assured, I have a plan and will be putting it into action.

enjoy your last day of november...for tomorrow,
 the countdown begins!

p.s. if when santa brings me a pretty pink laptop for christmas, the task of updating the blog will be much more organized. promise.

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