November 17, 2011

autzen stadium {part2}

i have no words to explain what an epic experience this was for all of us.
we knew half way through football season that we were picked to go,
but nothing could prepare us for the actual event.
as you walk up to this stadium
you suddenly feel so small.
the energy...
the excitement...
we have arrived!!!
this is how GP Pop Warner rolls now.
it was so awesome to represent
even on the oregon ducks field.
the boys are all lined up
and ready to be announced one-by-one.
game on!!!
we made a touchdown in the first 4 minutes of the game.
there was truly no stopping us.

he did so good.
one great tackle
and 2 almost interceptions.
just watching all our little men
play on this giant field...
again, i have no words.
this is E on the jumbotron, #22
how epic is that!!!

We Won!!!
We Won!!
The GP Raiders are might mite champs!
against junction city jaguars.

it was such an amazing day!

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