November 18, 2011


right now i'm....
watching - everyone in the neighborhood leaving for work, taking kids to school, waking up and making the best of this friday.
{and the computer screen, i mean lets be honest.}
drinking - coffee with hazelnut large quantities.
wearing - sweats and a sweatshirt, cause that's how i roll in the mornings.
listeningmonkey watching cartoons...max and ruby I believe.

avoiding - packing for our trip, but i have a couple more days before we leave
so i'm good.
wishing - someone would come pack for me, and clean my house,
and take the kids for a few hours so i can have some quiet time.
feeling - tired and I'm not actually sure why, I got good sleep last night.
missing -  hubby. he's been working late every night this week and now has to go to klamath for the weekend to :((
needing - to laugh till it hurts with some good friends.
thinking - what is this week going to be like up at my parents with family.
thankful for - the little things, and I get to see my sister in just a couple days.
wondering - what the weather is going to be like for our drive to and from nevada...hopefully not a horrible snow storm like the last time we went.
praying - for a safe journey to nevada and back again; the ability for us all to join together for thanksgiving and just enjoy eachother in the moment.
nothing more. nothing less.
dreaming - of summer.  I'm not a huge fan of wintertime and the cold weather.
loving - my new haircut I got last night.  I chopped it all off and it feels great!
weather - cold, rainy, cloudy, possible snow in the mountains.
right now
admist all the chaos of life
and the upcoming holiday season
i'm just trying to enjoy.

happy friday everyone!!!


  1. How about a picture of the cute haircut lady?

  2. okay, so i was gonna say that^^^^ but sarah beat me to it!