November 15, 2011

autzen stadium {part1}

we packed our bags.
decorated all the windows in the truck.
grabbed the kiddo next door {my 4th son}
and headed up to Eugene for a night.
we were greated like rock stars.
we took the boys to papa's pizza
which not only has the most amazing pizza we have ever tasted,
but it has a giant play area surrounded by windows
where the boys played....
and played....
and played...
this is monkey, who was too little to actually play the game.
so he decided to climb right into it
for the win.
hubby and i sat at a table with pizza and a cocktail
while we watched the boys try to run their nervous energy off.
{didn't work}
the hotel didn't have an indoor pool
but that didn't stop us from having some play time.
the boys jumped from bed to bed
{because that's what you do in a hotel room}
read the ducks yearbook magazine.
and watched the history channel {it was their choice, seriously}
it took a while to get them to settle down
but we finally did and everyone fell fast asleep.

{they don't make hotel rooms big enough for a family of 6, go figure}
snug as bugs
with butterflies in their tummies
promises of sweet dreams
for tomorrow....
is what awaits!!!

to be continued...

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