October 07, 2011

5 on friday

here's 5 things i'm digging this friday...

1. breakfast with friends.
{we got to have alden all to ourselves this morning and the boys had a great time}

 2. the playroom is back together again.
{we've had camping gear thrown in the garage since labor day}
 3. more paint swatches that i plan on turning into a cool halloween craft.
{hubby is convinced home depot is going to ban me from the store soon}
 4. i love pink and i love sparkles!
{i will be rocking pink nails for the month of october for sure!}
 5. how fun it was to wrap this.
{housewarming present for a friend of ours}

tonight is first friday art walk down town
and our friends the hardin's are having an opening of their new photo studio.
we are excited to go celebrate with them!

soccer in the morning.
football sunday morning.
and hopefully some sunshine.

happy friday, enjoy your weekend!

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