October 24, 2011


{i have been so busy and unable to update the blog,
but have kept my 365 up-to-date, so click the "365" link above
and see all our updated pictures, there's some cute ones in there!}

we have continued to live the fast paced life of a sports family.
soccer on saturday's
football on sunday's
practice 4 days a week in the evenings,
and trying to rest in between.

{peanut got to be captain for this game,
so proud! #22 babee!!!}
 we have one more week of practices and both boys final games
are this weekend.
however, peanut's football team made the playoffs and will be playing
on the autzen stadium {home of the oregon ducks}
on november 12th.
so that will be our last {and most epic} game!

{boys and neighbors playing friday night football}
 i started a new job this last week.
same type of work i've been doing
just with a different company.
it has been quite the transition because they want me to use their computer
so i have had my computer unplugged for a couple weeks now
{that's why no blog updates for a while}
we have a wireless modem, but until we can prove ourselves to be smarter
than all this technology
i have to continue to unplug my computer, plug my work one in during business hours
and then plug mine back in when i want to play on the internet, update the blog,
 we'll figure it out though, we are 2 very capable adults after all.
i went for a walk the other day with monkey and threw gently set him
into the pumpkin pit at the grocery store for a rookie photo shoot.
he was so.stinkin.cute!
 the leaves have been changing color here,
so i know that it's fall of some sort.
however, we, like most of you
have been in the midst of this heat wave.
i'm not going to lie, i've been enjoying every last minute
of the shorts and tank top weather.
i'm not ready for the cold.
 but it will inevitably come
and with it, changes in the house.
blankets, snuggles, layers {all of which i can't complain}
hearty soups and stews, chilis and cornbread.
no more sports until april {yippie!!}
and the ever anticipated holidays.
oh yes people
no matter how hard you try
this is happening.

i say greet the new changes head on
with a smile on our faces.
bundle up and get outside as often as possible.
and enjoy the fall of 2011.

 ♥ loves

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  1. Hey are really awesome super fun friends from Vancouver allowed to come to the game in Eugene. Thats only a 2 hour drive for us and the kiddos love watching football games? Good luck with your new job!!