October 24, 2011


little bear got bored
and tagged himself with a marker

"go ducks" on his feet
{yea, he changed his favorite team from the beavers to the ducks now}
 duh, cause that's what month it is.
 this is the under eye makeup that football players wear
just a little lower and a little thinner.
i thought it was whiskers,
but was very sternly put in my place
followed by the eyeroll plus "phft" sound effect.
{moms, am i right??}
 this is a baseball
for God only knows why
because we are playing soccer and football.
but a boy can dream...
 this one was on his shins and says "drums rock"
because they totally do.
and this last one was in support of big brother's football game
it says "go emmett, yeah, go, go"
but this is all i could photograph.
something tells me this kid is going to be covered in tattoos when he's older.
guess we better get used to it now.

p.s. he had to go to his soccer game with all this on, as well as to brother's football game. so greatful that we have a sense of humor.

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  1. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this kid? - Elizabeth