August 10, 2012


so we don't really have a farm,
but some days it feels like it.
 a few more hot days here and these beautys
should be ready for eating!
 peppers for our salsa...they're getting bigger.
 at least half, if not more of our items didn't come up this year
or have bloomed and died.
partly because we have been gone on the weekends.
 my mini pumpkins.
i have a whole bunch of these sprouting
and i am so pumped for the holidays!!
 we still have plenty of veggies to eat, can, and freeze.
so i'm kind of glad that most of our stuff didn't take.
we just don't have the time..what with rafting and all {wink}
 and to think...
we're actually starting to look for property.
this is even too much sometimes.

it's still fun to watch the progression from planting seeds
to giant corn stalks and sunflowers taller than us!

i hope you are enjoying your gardens!
Happy Friday!

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