August 09, 2012

this&that {thursday}

A few weekends ago we headed up to Vancouver, WA
for a wedding of an old friend of hubbys.

hubby was in it
and can i just say....
this man can rock a tux!
 We stayed with the clark's
its our fave bed and breakfast ;)
 it was a beautiful wedding
a beautiful day
and we had a blast with some old friends.
 see....rocking it!
♥ yummo ♥
 after the wedding, a handful of us went back to the Clark Casa
for a fire pit, drinks, music, and a ton of good laughs.
 some of our men...
talk about hard core.

we are so blessed to have a handful of the most amazing friends in our lives.
we can go months, even years without seeing eachother
but once we get together....

♥ all the pieces fall into place ♥

1 comment:

  1. okay,so totally that dustin hardin in the pic? if so, i went to high school with him{a yr. behind i think?}, if not...uh...he looks like some guy i was in high school with;)