August 07, 2012


this was our little "home away from home" for 5 days
on shasta lake.
with my in-law's
sis-in-law and her hubby and 3 kids
and my little family.
 hot tub on top was perfect for the little ones to swim in when nobody was
able to watch them in the lake.
poor hubby was sick the whole time.
we think a bit of motion sickness since he still swayed for 3 days after we got home.

 all of us girls went and got pedi's before we left.
such pretty piggies!
 we had a blast the whole time.
laughed till we cried.
 we spent our days floating
and boating.
 thoroughly exhausted the kids every day.
{these 2 couldn't even make it in their beds one night}
 the kids went on the tube
and the 3 big ones {Emmett, Lily, and Soren} learned to ski.

 this was my birthday rice krispies with matches for candles
{we only got to the fourth or fifth match before little bear freaked out
and i blew them out asap.}
 my birthday wish was for everyone to go down the slide
mom's camera got better pictures, but we all did it
{some of us adults more than once}
it was so much fun!
this is grandma...
 it was a great 5 days.
 Shasta Lake is by far my most favorite place
if only we could visit more.

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