July 14, 2012

river weekend {sunday}

on sunday we decided to float the "middle" river
enis to graves' creek
the "big" rapids.

{the emmons family}
 we went with a big group this day.
4 rafts
10 adults.
9 kids.

{willie and hannah, sy's little brother and sister}
 these were 2 of the boats with us, and the third one in the background, plus ours.
such a great time going in a big group.
sis-in-law sadie
 2 years of therapy and i think we found a great outlet for little bear.
 during the calms in rapids,
everyone bailed from their rafts to cool off.
 monkey had a couple rapids that scared drenched him,
but later that night he asked for goggles.
such an allen boy....ready to power through!
 standing on the ladder,
outside of the boat,
one handed...
conquring our fears.
 look at this crew.
and our babies.
such a great day!
 see....hasn't gotten old yet.
 this is the famous jumping rock
i have a photo of hubby doing a back flip of the upper level
back before we were engaged....
and i still said yes.
it runs in the family.

{willie, chloe, and cedar}
 the kids in the swimming hole at the end of a long day of rafting...

just another rough weekend
in the allen household.

1 comment:

  1. This looks like SO much fun!!!
    What gorgeous views!
    How fun. I went river rafting once in Idaho and it was so fun and also kinda scary!

    COngrats on your recent celebration of ten years too!!! That is a big one to celebrate! :)