July 09, 2012

Casa{de la}Clark

recently we had the opportunity to make a quick trip up to vancouver
to visit our favorite Clark Family!
Sy and Brad had a bachelor campout to attend,
so Sarah and I hung out with the kids for a lazy energy filled couple of days.

we did a little movie time with Ice Age.
 our "100% chance of rain" weekend turned out beautiful and sunny
so we got as much outdoor time as possible.
we were even able to have dinner outside.
 with an adorable unexpected dinner guest.
 and it was warm enough to finish the evening
with ice cream cones.
there was also a game upstairs the boys called "bus babies"
it consisted of running a giant tonka truck full of claire's babies down the hall and into the wall.
{it was less than stellar after a while}
we played with the doll house, and by we...i mean me...
and then claire joined in.
sarah and i watched movies

and then 1992 called....
and we had a hilarious session of making friendship bracelets.

always a blast at Casa de la Clark.
we can't wait to do it again in just a couple weeks! 

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