July 13, 2012

river weekend {saturday}

so now that we have purchased our river raft
it's safe to say we have found our "vacation home"
 this is the Caveman Bridge in our home town
sort of the "introduction" to the river.

these ladies are a few miles down the river.
the boys just wave and say hi!

the view of this boy on the river is never going to get old.
 we took emmett's friend with us this trip
and the boys had a blast.
 this view is never going to get old either.
 or this view...
Sy and Jeff were trying to teach the boys what to do if they ever fell off the boat
teaching them how to sit in a chair and float the rapids
then swim through the current to the shore. 
 these boys have to be pepared for any situation.
 here's jeff...
proving that life is rough for us grants pass river rats.
 and at the end of our 5 hour river float,
we were treated to this gorgous creature.

life is tough,
on the rogue river...

until tomorrow.

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