July 09, 2012


 we headed out to the in-laws for a bbq, day of swimming, celebration.

we played follow the leader...
 we played a mean game of horseshoes
{at least i think that's what we're doing}
 we became obsessed with monster trucks.
 we looked like this, because duh....
that's how we roll!
{check out the sweet dinosaur hair}
 we poked our head out of the pool every now and then.
 we cooked and ate delicious food
{yup....that's me on the ol' bloggdini}
 we took time out for an epic photo session
because again...that's how we roll.
 we hung out with family...
 we got this one out of the pool long enough to eat something
{and get stung by a bee}
 buzz lightyear paid us a superhero visit.
 we spent the day with friends...
 and in the end...we got individual snuggle time with this guy
and a "best 4th of july ever!"
and that's why we do it ♥

thank you's to:
Papa and Mom
Mike and Shelly
Dustin, Erica, and Alden
and briefly Willie and Chloe

for a great 4th of July!!!

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