February 17, 2011

comfort. and. joy.

february has been an exceptionally beautiful month thus far.
windows opened during the day.
heater doesn't seem to kick on anymore.
a nice breeze flowing through the house
erasing all the stuffiness that winter brings.
in one word....surreal.
just when we thought it was safe to put our coats in the closet.
old man winter decided to pop over for a visit.
a small reminder that in order to have a beautiful spring
we need to have a cold and wet winter first.
the heater has been running.
and running....
...and running.
fuzzy slippers kept our piggy's warm
and snuggle blankets gave us giant hugs.
chicken alfredo and freshly baked rolls filled the house with comfort.
kids played in the garage playroom
while unread magazines and DVR begged me to spend time with them.
(who can say no to that?)
spring is coming
and we are counting down the days...
but today...
we enjoy a snow day
and at about 960 feet elevation...
it doesn't come that often.

what's comforting you today?

happy thursday!

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