February 24, 2011

thursday nothings {and a flashback}

some...most...okay, every day i feel as though i am channeling cinderella.
fold the laundry...
do the dishes...
make me something to eat...
feed the animals...
sew this...
glue that...
i need...
i want...

after dinner (who am i kidding, after every meal)
i have to get down on hands and knees
and scrub the floor underneath monkey.

and every single time i do,
this is what he does....
 my sweet prince charming...

a fellow blogger, inspirer, crafter, mother, extraordinaire, meg (at whatever) has this great idea to dig into her archives and post pictures from the past year and reminisce.

so here is a recap from february 2010

my sweet baby was just as stinking cute as he is today.
we enjoyed the superbowl with our besties, Erica and Alden!
we decorated valentine cookies
(kind of a new tradition)
papa and grandma came to town from nevada and we went bowling
in true when-papa-and-grandma-visit fashion.
peanut was going through his "i want to be a cowboy" phase
and rocked it by the way (he is stinking cute!)
monkey became less of a blob baby...
and these 2 started to fall in love with eachother.
 little bear soaked up any "daddy" time he could get
with a baby in the house.
 and we went to klamath for a weekend visit with our
favorite little smith family!

 w.o.w. that was fun
thanks for the idea, meg!

i have nothing today.
it's snowing and cold (real cold) outside.
i talked hubby into taking little bear to therapy this afternoon.
it's my neighbor's car pool day so i don't have to get peanut from school.
i'm going to stay in my sweats today.
hair in a pony
no makeup.
and find someone to finish this damn laundry. (seriously already)
little bear has homework he has to finish for school tomorrow
i was thinking of having us make suns for crafts today and hang them up
all over the house. (if you will it, it will happen, right?)
maybe finish just one magazine.
and catch up on some long overdue DVR time.


just maybe...

have a wonderful winter thursday friends!


  1. I like the looking back idea. So cute! Glad to be mentioned in it, too. May I just say, our babies are really cute? Can't believe a year is gone by already!

  2. I have an unsolicited advise to add... can't help myself. Try putting a large table cloth or sheet (or a Neat Sheet sold in the cleaning aisle) under the high chair. After every meal, I just flip it and tuck it on itself under the chair and then take it outside once a day (after dinner) to flip off all of the crumbs and stuff. Saves me time each day. But, then you may not get the cutie pie hugging you... never mind, you're doing it just right. :)