February 15, 2011


the feathers my sis-in-law put in my hair ~ l.o.v.e.
they're fun and spunky and make me feel all hip and stuff. 
the curlers my sweet momma sent me for valentine's day ~ l.o.v.e.
how much body they give my super heavy hair ~ l.o.v.e.
baking sugar cookies for valentine's day with little bear ~ l.o.v.e.

how a sugar cookie can never have too much sugar ~ l.o.v.e. 
how incredibly sunny and beautiful it was all weekend
so we could get our garden boxes built ~ l.o.v.e.
(and garden box pics to follow soon)
how it started to rain just as we were finishing up
and it hasn't stopped in 2 days ~ l.o.v.e.
how sweet my baby is to my baby ~ l.o.v.e.
if someone would please come and put this laundry away ~ l.o.v.e.
teaching our 3 boys how amazing it is to love and be loved ~ l.o.v.e.
that putting something in the shape of a heart
makes chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese
the best valentine's dinner ever ~ l.o.v.e.
you're never to old
and they're never to heavy ~ l.o.v.e.

mother natures way of quietly saying,
"hang in there, i picked up spring and we're on our way" ~ l.o.v.e.
this one proving he's "mr. independent" ~ l.o.v.e.

how much patience hubby has with little bear
when it was getting cold and windy
and he really just wanted to get this put back together,
but little bear needed to know what it was and how it worked...
...and he explained it in great detail ~ l.o.v.e.
how i don't quiet embarass this one....yet ~ l.o.v.e.
homemade leftover chicken noodle soup on a raining pouring day ~ l.o.v.e.
a stool sis-in-law's dad made for little bear
perfect therapy to help him feel a bit more grounded ~ l.o.v.e.
these 3 sweet faces asking me to be their valentine ~ l.o.v.e.
who i asked to be my valentine...
l.o.v.e. ~ mucho!

what are you falling in love with this month?

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