February 23, 2011

wednesday randomness {and a weekend recap}

what a great 3-day weekend we got to have together.
as a family.
just staying at home.
my grandmother (nana to the boys),
and uncle mike came up from redding for a quick "pop over" and a delicious meatloaf muffin dinner (courtesy of your's truly!)
on their way to up to salem. 
 it was so much fun to visit with them for the evening.
it has been years since we have seen uncle mike...about 5 I think?
(i love the look on hubby and peanut's faces.
like father, like son.)
 for some reason, it is a terrible tradition in my family
to come to my house for dinner,
and then after dinner...
pack up my children and run them down to the grocery store
where they are able to pick out whatever junk food they want.
(horrible tradition that must be stopped)
 the boys decided on sherbert ice cream and waffle cones.
courtesy of uncle michael!
 aren't these 2 absolutely adorable!

(on a side note...)
please stop calling my name from the pantry.
yes...you make me feel all "betty crocker" -like as i mix you in my kitchenaid
yes...rolling and cutting you out brings back childhood memories
just like grandma used to do it.
and yes...i am honing in on my mad martha stewart decorating skills.
 however, you have to understand
you are supposed to be for the kids.
they are the ones that truly enjoy you for all you are worth
my "pre-baby" jeans and i have just recently gotten reacquainted.
and i have a feeling that deep down,
they love me more than you.

in the words of achmed...
"silence! i kill you!"

yours truly,
the management
 the weekend came and mother nature blessed us with a bit more sunshine
before this next storm system rolls in. and they're calling for more snow!
We were able to run to medford to spend some christmas gift cards.
list in hand, we got all that was needed to finish our garden project.
again, by the time we finished our project on Monday evening
the sun was going down
so no pictures yet of our garden boxes and new fire pit.
it has a certain "ahh" factor when the sun is shining in the background.
this little beauty is blooming right in my very own backyard
isn't she stunning, just one little angle with room to grow.
little bear has therapy tomorrow.
friday will be here before we know it.
saturday i have one last baseball sign-ups
and saturday night
i might get a girls night.....
..wait, i don't want to jinkx it.
scratch that.
you never saw it.
happy "middle of the week" day to you!


  1. Seriously sister, I can't even make sweets (my poor kids go through withdrawls until they go to Grandma's house) or else I will eat them all up. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE! BTW, the flower picture turned out good, see the difference in the look of your photos with the different lighting changes? TOLD YOU!

  2. yes sister, i am finally starting to figure out how to use my camera on manual and i am loving it!