May 11, 2011


you better believe it!

nothing new going on here.
i'm the fundraising coordinator for our towns little league
and this weekend is my big "ta-da" hit-a-thon fundraiser.
so i'm only slightly freaking out more by the second
and i heard it's supposed to be cloudy/raining saturday
{of course it is}
this one has been like this for the last 5 days
double ear infection
possible strep throat
fevers in the 100s.
glad he's finally feeling better
aren't antibiotics amazing!

starts take 2
we have about 2 weeks before we can start putting things into the ground
most of these are just sunflowers
we can grow them, but once they bud from the ground
something comes and bites the tops off.
hopefully we can get them started indoors and transplant outside
when they are big enough to not bite the top off.
hubby brought these home on friday
because i was bragging about how my sweet momma sent me flowers
for mother's day and how much i love flowers.
{i think he got the hint.}
mother's day was good.
the boys hubby made breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
we had breaks of sunshine mixed with sprinkles of rain
so we got out and put some more seeds into the ground
spruced up the yard a bit
and just enjoyed being together.
it was brought to my attention a few days later how funny it is that on mother's day
we seem to do chores, work in the garden, clean, etc.
but on father's day...
it's fishing, golfing, something outdoors and fun.
dinner was delish!

these 2 couldn't be any cuter!
{am i right?}
things are good
just busy and scatter brained by this fundraiser.
next week hopefully i will be back to normal.
happy wednesday!

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